9 Things Broke AF People Are Tired Of Hearing

April 12, 2017

1. “Money is the root of all evil”

And so what? I want it like that.

2. “Money is not everything”

Money is more than half of everything, do you want to do the maths?

3. “Money can’t buy you happiness”

Explain the happiness that comes with credit alerts then.

4. When rich people say ‘I’m broke too’

You’re rich so whad you mean?

5. When someone advises you to “Save more and spend less”

What am I earning that I’ll be saving, please?

6. When your HR sends the “Salary will be delayed this month” mail

No, just carry knife and finish the work now.

7. When you’re too tired to cook and your friend says ‘order pizza now’

Order pizza and use my kidney to pay abi?

8. When traders say ”The price has increased”

It’s a crime to be poor in this country.

9. When someone says ‘Please borrow me money’

Can I borrow you what I don’t have, though?

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