9 Signs Your Family Is Very Ready For You To Leave The House

November 4, 2016

1. When you come home late and nobody questions where you’ve been.

Zero people care about you and your outing!

2. When they stop leaving food for you in the kitchen.

There’s no love in this house!

3. When you ask your mom why there’s no food for you, she’s like:

“Bisi, you mean you still think you’re a member of this household?”

4. When you tell them you’re broke they’re like:

Is that how life is?

5. How they look at you when your friends bring their aso ebi for you.

Because it’s time for you to come and be going!

6. You, when they start asking about that ‘fine girl you were dating’ for the millionth time.

What part of ‘we broke up’ don’t you understand?

7. When your mom now wants to be childish and starts giving potential spouses your number.

The whole world will now be ‘whatsApping’ you.

8. When you start talking about how fulfilling your work is, they’re like:

Just do and go, abeg!

9. When they now start locking the gate when you come late from work.

Kuku start looking for rent money!

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