8 Times Madam Kofo’s Gele Made Us Speechless

If you don’t know Nollywood actress Abiola Atanda, popularly known as Madam Kofo, we are seriously judging you. Madam Kofo is famous for always wearing the most dramatic gele styles and here are some of the ones that captivated us:

1. That time her gele was saying hello to all her fans.

2. When her gele added the extra drama her all-white outfit needed.

3. This strong, independent gele that doesn’t need any man.

4. This gele didn’t come to play with anybody.

5. That time her gele had its own gele.

6. That time the gele was shouting Halleluyah.

7. When her gele gave her entire outfit life.

8. When the gele was the biggest celebrity in the picture.