8 Things You’ll Be Able To Relate To If You Don’t Drink Alcohol

May 11, 2017

1. This is how your friends look at you when you all go out to drink beer but you end up ordering malt.

Guy wetin dey do you?

2. People will ask you how you relax and unwind after a long stressful day.

So I can only relax with alcohol?

3. When people insist you must smoke weed because you don’t take alcohol.

Must I get intoxicated somehow???

4. When someone suggests that the reason you don’t drink is because your father was an alcoholic.

Talk about my father again and I will punch you in your throat.

5. When they suggest that your mother was the alcoholic.


6. When you’re a guy and someone tells you that you’re not a real man because you don’t drink alcohol.


7. This is how your friends look at you when you all go clubbing and you’re able to have fun without being drunk.

How are you doing this??

8. When you tell people that you don’t drink alcohol because it’s bitter and they tell you that you’ll get used to it.

No I won’t get used to it. Stop with all this peer pressure.

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