8 Things Your Parents Probably Said As They Flogged You

November 29, 2016

1. “If i hear peem”

“One word must not come out of your mouth”

2. “If you move your hand, i’ll add more”

Ultimate form of torture.

3. “Oya, hold your lips like this”

“I dont even want to hear you breathe”.

4. “Stand on that tile and don’t move an inch”

You’ll be doing gymnastics over cane.

5. “Don’t beg me, it’ll only make it worse”

Dun cry dun beg, issallova.

6. “If I let my hand touch you, you’ll see heaven”

“Just jejely take the cane and go”.

7. I didn’t kill my mother so you won’t kill me

“I’ll kill you before you kill me”.

8. “Did you just raise your hand to block me? You want to box me”

“You want to assassinate your father ba?”.

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