8 Annoying Things Every Nigerian Graduate Will Hear Before Entering The Job Market

May 9, 2017

1. You know there is no job out there.

As if I don’t know the country I live in.

2. You are not entering the Labour market but the FAVOUR MARKET.

This isn’t a depressing thing but it’s just really really corny.

3. No salary is too small.

So If I live in Ikorodu and a company in Lekki offers me a job with a salary of 10K, I should take it? Do you have sense like this?

4. You should really think about going into Agriculture.

After 5 years of Engineering, you want me to go into Farming! ARE YOU MAD?!!!!

5. The violent taketh it by force.

So I should murder other applicants when I go for job interviews? How does this apply to my job search?

6. Write a lot of professional exams.


7. Register on all the job vacancy websites.

Tell me. Do you know anybody that has actually gotten a job from these things?

8. Make sure you get Government job.

But Sir, do you think it is that easy?

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