8 Struggles Only Slow Eaters Will Understand

January 6, 2020

When you’re eating out with your friends and they keep asking you to finish up quickly

Leave Me Alone GIF

But wait, is it your food?

It’s hard watching your friends finish their food before you

How do you do it?

Dealing with waiters giving you the stink eye after they’ve come to clear the table for the third time but you still aren’t done

cookie lyon gtfo GIF by Empire FOX

Sorry oh. It’s not my fault.

When your siblings crowd around you to take from your plate

Angry Season 9 GIF by Shameless

Away, you devils. Shoo!

And the grief your mum gives you


She will probably throw something spiritual into the mix.

The microwave is your culinary best friend

How your co-workers look at you because you’re always the last person to finish lunch

unimpressed excuse me GIF by T. Kyle

Don’t you people have a job to do, though?

You, when you finally find another slow eater

african american hug GIF

You’re my new best friend if you want it or not.

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