The 8 Stages Of Eating Terrible Food

November 20, 2016

1. When you take the first spoonful

This doesn’t look so bad.

2. Then the taste hits you

Blood of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

3. But the person that cooked it is staring at you

“Do you like it?”

4. You’re there trying to smile while you’re thinking…

Death, na you be this?

5. You’re dying and smiling like it’s a 5-star meal

Bros, these are tears of joy, not disgust.

6. You swallow and nearly faint

I think I just tasted an eyeball…IN RICE!!

7. The person offers you more and you start to wonder if you’re really going to die now

Or maybe i’m dead already and this is hell.

8. When you realise this is just the first spoon, there’s still a whole plate in front of you

Maybe I should just jump out of the window.

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