8 Reasons We’re Still Very Disappointed In Modern Technology

December 10, 2016

1. We can’t download food

Is it fair?

2. … or money!

Isn’t technology supposed to solve all my problems?

3. There are no robots to bathe us

In this century?

4. … or spoon-feed us when we’re tired

After a long day in traffic, is this too much to ask?

5. And what of the self-driving cars we were promised?

Please, don’t mention Google’s self-driving cars here!

6. Please, when is someone making us an ‘Invisible App’?

So we can disappear when debtors are at the gate!

7. Can you even believe that Mars is STILL inhabitable?

You mean we can’t relocate from this nonsense Earth?

8. And just how long do we have to wait for tele-transport technology?

How else will I transport myself to America without using visa?

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