8 Reasons We All Looked Forward To End Of The Year Party In School

December 19, 2016

1. When your teacher announces the date for the party you’re like:

Celebration galore!

2. When the class now chooses you to collect the party donations

It is an honor and privilege to use your money to buy sweet!

3. You, when your mum buys you fine dress for the party

My slay will be complete.

4. When you finish making your fine Bob-Marley, you’re like:

Because I’m the queen!

5. How you enter the class on the day of the party


6. When it’s time for menu-menu, you’re like:

This jollof is low-key the only reason I’m here!

7. You, when the teacher says it’s time for ‘musical chairs’

Ahh shoki!

8. When the teacher gives you a nice gift, you’re like:

So this teacher can give something other than beating and homework?

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