8 Pictures That Prove President Robert Mugabe Loves Cake And Icecream Just Like The Rest Of Us

September 5, 2016
When it comes to African leadership, Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe isn’t anybody’s mate. However, in this thread by South African Twitter user, Sibongile Mafu, it’s obvious that just like the rest of us, Robert Mugabe’s key to success is his deep love for cake and icecream.

1. Delicious cake is all we all need in this life of strife.

Lover of sweet things since 1924 pic.twitter.com/KHa6weSPZV

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

2. That time he thoroughly enjoyed an icecream cone during an important event.

Nothing soft about this soft serve pic.twitter.com/fnA0dlrbhC

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

3. Not every time join in the conversation, sometimes face front and eat your delicious icecream.

It goes in pic.twitter.com/oBI57r6YfP

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

4. He didn’t even share his cake with the little girl.

The nom in Denomcracy pic.twitter.com/eeqbDmocD1

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

5. When your country is in trouble but there’s delicious cake in front of you.

Grab the land. Leave the bakeries. pic.twitter.com/PWHGwlrkHc

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

6. Bad belle people don’t deserve good things like cake jare.

And none for you wypipo pic.twitter.com/o6yjgmYcw2

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

7. The only way cake should be eaten:

the slice is so big. the saucer is so small pic.twitter.com/mCGfnZNB9r

— Sibongile Mafu (@sboshmafu) August 26, 2016

8. That time he threw away his home training for a bowl of icecream.

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