7 Ways You know You’re Turning Into Your Parents

November 22, 2016

1. This is the way you unlook Mr Biggs and tell yourself there’s rice at home when you remember your salary

2. When you just don’t even send Soundcity again and CNN is all you want you want to watch

Then you’ll now change it to Channels for extra flavour.

3. When you start shouting at your roommates like your mother, whenever you get home from work and the house is too messy

You’ll now start asking yourself why you can’t just calm down.

4. When you have to start sucking belle to make your shirt fine

This one is sha a sign of good living.

5. When your fine girl ends outside and you start tying wrapper inside the house

Ths is how you know your mama transformation is complete!

6. When the NEPA bills in your house are not for opening bank accounts, you’re actually paying bills!

Please, I don’t want to do this adult lie again, take me to KG!

7. When you no longer form for souvenirs at Owambes, and you start vexing when serving spoon doesn’t reach your side

‘Did they tell you I didn’t want serving spoon? Is there fry pan to go with it?’

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