7 Stressful Things Every Boyfriend Can Relate To

November 20, 2016

1. When she says don’t worry then “I just think it’s funny how…”

But you just said don’t worry na.

2. When you tell her you’re going out with your friends and she says ‘have fun’

Wazz all dis ?

3. When you say you’re hungry and she says “tell that your other babe to cook for you na”

Nawa for you o.

4. When you tell her sorry and she says “sorry for yourself”

Some people sha…

5. When she says “you can’t even say sorry”

Didn’t I just say sorry 40 times?!

6. When she sends an angry text and you’re trying to remember what you did wrong

But….all I said was “hello”.

7. When she says “get out” and then starts crying when you want to go

I’m so confused…what’s going on.

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