7 Terrifying Thoughts That Will Occasionally Cross Your Mind As An Adult

May 24, 2017

1. You’ll remember all the awkward interactions you’ve ever had and shame will eat at you.

That time somebody wished you a Happy Birthday and you replied with “Same to you”.

2. You will remember that one beggar you didn’t give money and wonder if that was Jesus testing you.

Am I going to hell??!

3. You will think about the fact that you hate your job and that if you continue on this path, you’ll never be happy.

And will probably die an old and angry person.

4. You’ll wonder if you’ll ever find true love.

Because you don’t want to die old and alone.

5. You’ll wonder if you have an STD you don’t know about yet.

Because you’re a low key whore tbh.

6. You will wonder if you’re going to be a good or shitty parent.

Let my kids not end up broken and damaged like me.

7. You’ll wonder if you’re terrible at sex and all your previous sex partners just lied to you so you don’t feel bad.


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