7 Signs Your Work Environment Is Toxic

October 22, 2019

So you’ve been looking for a job for monthssss and one finally lands on your lap when you thought all was lost. Now you’re revamping your old outfits for your new role – you have to dress to look the part – and looking forward to working with your new colleagues and boss.

Well, while we wish you good luck on your job and all, we’ve prepared a list of negative vibes to look out for in a job. If you relate with at least three of these, chances are you are in a toxic work environment:

1) Poor communication:

If everyone takes offence when you ask for clarification on something, then it’s time to raise your eyebrows and wonder exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into.

2) Delayed salaries:

If you’ve just started your job and are already hearing murmurs and whispers of how the staff you met there are yet to be paid weeks after salary date, just start prepping to japa from there o. Chances are your first salary was early because you are new and that’s your welcome gift.

3) Undefined duties:

If you are answerable to everyone and anybody can come question the step you took based on your superior’s say so, you are getting into something you can’t control and will frustrate the life out of you.

4) Boss’s presence makes everyone awkward:

If there’s an eerie quietness when your oga-at-the-top is around and everybody is avoiding eye contact because pin must not do kpeke, else your boss will flare up. Or when you are expected to say thank you for being paid your salary, and needing to get approval from your boss to leave thirty minutes after closing hours.

You might wanna follow suit with the unwritten rule of zombieness until you can get the hell outta there.

5) You are told to feel lucky:

When you are told that you should feel grateful and count your blessings because you were given a job by the company.

6) Feeling angry or depressed:

Yes, stress is associated with every job but when you feel unhappy everyday you are at work or are constantly on edge an anxious, it might be due to your work environment.

7) You feel a disquiet in your gut:

Your Olivia Pope radar is going off and can’t keep calm; you can’t pinpoint what exactly is wrong with your workplace and why you feel strange about being there but everything in you is protesting against the place. Try keeping your ear on the ground, you never know what you might hear.

Which one of these have you experienced?

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