7 Nigerians Share Their Worst Date Stories

November 5, 2016

1. ‘The car broke down on the way’.

“I went to go pick her up at home and the car broke down on the way to the movies.  I couldn’t cry! I sha called a cab while I chilled for the mechanic. Scheduled another date, but there was a noticeable change. She zoned me. The vibe was a subtle “you are looking for gehfren” when your jalopy is need of change”.  -Collins

2. “He was showing off”

This guy showed me his account balance. He was a semi-professional footballer and sha wanted to show me he was a big boy. I said “I’m happy for you” and asked for the rest of my food to go and then left“. -Abike

3. “We got arrested”

We were in this yellow taxi when some oversabi policemen pulled us over. The wahala started when they caught her filming them on her camera phone. They took us to the station o! They even took us to the place they kept armed robbers. My people came to bail us sha. -Ikemefuna John

4. “I was the third wheel on the date”

“He came to pick me with his friend, and I had to sit at the back. When we got to the cinema, he sat in the middle and he kept talking to his friend throughout, I was basically the third wheel”.  -Anike

5. “My tummy disrespected me”.

“I had diarrhea and had to use the restroom several times. It was so embarrassing“. -Grace

6. “Fuel finished in his car”

When he came to pick me, he parked his car in front of my hostel. The car refused to start o, and that’s how we caused traffic in front of the hostel. He now ‘realised there wasn’t petrol in his car and we had to buy petrol inside nylon.”  -Imani

7. He wanted me to come and ‘relax’ in his hotel room.

It was my matriculation so I decided to go on a date with this guy that had been disturbing me. He brought his two friends (one of them was called Jendor) and another girl. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, after eating what was basically Agege bread and hot dog, he asked me and the other girl to come and relax with his friends. Relax, abi rape fest? I just carried my load and went back to my hostel“. -Lara

Everyone has had a horrible date experience. Share yours in the comments section.

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