7 Beautiful Images Of Zanzibar That Will Make Your Day

December 18, 2015

Travel is one of the only things we spend money on which makes us richer.

 Africa is beautiful, despite the many news reports and stories that would have us believe otherwise. Many countries in Africa are making the most of their natural resources, building a wonderful tourism sector. Here are some beautiful pictures from Zanzibar, Tanzania, in East Africa, that should make you want to see the real thing for yourself. Trust us, the pictures do it no justice.

1. Overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean from Chumbe Island.

2. Leaving Chumbe Island at high tide.

3. No big deal, just taking a seaside stroll on the beach in Zanzibar.

4. The view from a seaside room at the Dongwe Beach resort in Zanzibar. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?

5. Watching the sun set from the Michamvi Pingwe beach after a sunset cruise.

6. The Rock restaurant in Michamvi – Literally a restaurant built on ocean rock. You walk through the water at low tide, then take a boat back to shore during high tide.

7. Dining on the most amazing seafood at The Rock restaurant, Zanzibar. Come chop!

All images taken by Lamide Akintobi.

Lamide Akintobi is an award-winning freelance journalist, documentary maker and TV personality with a passion for storytelling, travel, adventure and more than a little wanderlust in her soul, which is why she started recording and editing her travels around the world. She currently hosts “The Spot” on Ebonylife TV and spends lots of time plotting world domination and daydreaming about more epic travel adventures.

Check out this video on her trip to Zanzibar from her ‘Travel With Me’ series:

To find out more about Lamide and her ‘Travel With Me’ series check out her YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/lamideakintobi, her website at www.LamideLive.com, and follow her on Twitter, on Instagram and on snapchat  (@LamideLive).

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