6 Types Of University Students On Convocation Day

June 5, 2017

1. The person that invites their whole village.

This person that invites their entire extended family plus ancestors and somehow, they all turn up!

2. The person that has decided to break the world record for most pictures taken.

We get that it’s a special occasion  and you need to make memories  but are the approximately 8000 pictures you’ve  taken in the last 30 minutes not enough?? Ah Ahn! Kilode?!

3. The person that has come to slay.

That person that is determined to slay on their last day. The fact that most of their outfit will be hidden under the graduation gown will not stop them from pulling out all the stops with their dress/suit.

4. The person that will just be crying anyhow.

This person will just start crying every 5 minutes because they’ve seen a dear friend that they’re going to miss. CALM THE HELL DOWN! It’s not like we’re dying. You can still see anybody you want after today.

5. The person that is definitely hungover.

This is that person that decided to celebrate their last night as a student by getting shit faced drunk, completely forgetting that they had plans to attend their convocation ceremony the next day. They’ll still show up tho, wearing dark shades, walking in slow motion and not speaking.

6. The person that doesn’t even show up at all.

Loool. This person never even cared about school and classes. You really think they’ll give a damn about convocation?

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