Six Types of People You’ll Meet in a Cinema

October 14, 2019

Cinema going is a constantly rising culture in Nigeria and we are here for it. Oftentimes, a lot of us can’t wait to watch a newly premiered movie, so rather than wait a long time for the DVD’s we’d prefer to have the cinematic experience.

But, you are bound to encounter one moviegoer that will annoy the heck outta of you, making you wish you’d stayed home instead. Here’s a list of 6 types of people you’d see in a cinema:

1) The ones that just came to do PDA:

Proceeding to make everyone uncomfortable because they couldn’t afford to get a room!

2) The ones that will talk from the beginning of the film to the end:

They will either speak loudly during a looooong phone conversation or their phone’s screen-light will never go off because of the nonstop texting.

3) The narrators:

Oh, their desire is to be a screenwriter, so they have a different scenario for each scene. Better still, they are the ones that have watched the movie before so they narrate EVERY SINGLE SCENE.

4) The clappers:

You’ve not been to a Nigerian cinema if you’ve not met them. They are the one’s who clap and hoot at every movie stunt. God help you if you are with them when Dwayne Johnson drags a helicopter with his bare hands.

Pretty sure, movie producers and actors will love this enthusiasm though.

5) The sleepers:

Why did you bother to leave your house,” is the thought that comes to mind when see these people. The next thing is sleep, once they get settled in.

6 ) The foodies:

These ones will unload the trailer load of food they sneaked in, alongside the popcorn and drinks they brought. And proceed to chew loudly.

Which one of these people have you encountered? Which annoyed you the most?

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