6 Times Privileged Nigerians Tried To Famz The Rest Of Us

May 18, 2016

1. Davido

“Back when I was broke yo, Nobody wanted to jonze yo”. Although he was born rich to a billionaire father, Davido’s debut song, Back When, was about how hard life was when he was broke. But brother David, when were you ever broke?

2. Senator Dino Melaye

He’s the typical Nigerian politician in every sense and likes to show off a lot. He broke the internet with his ‘No vex, na God‘ tweet when he wanted us to stop hating on the good things “God Almighty” provided him.

3. Mrs Folorunsho Alakija

“I am 63 and not done yet, what’s your excuse?” In a speech she gave on World Youth Day, she stated she didn’t attend  university and her recipe to success was hard work and perseverance.  Maybe she forgot to add another secret, she was born wealthy and even gifted an oil block during the military regime.

4. Laura Ikeji

“Instead of doing regular jobs, begging for money or doing runs and I capitalised on my sister’s success and it’s working.” Okay, so the people doing regular jobs aren’t really smart abi? Keep capitalising, Laura!

5. Former Governor Fashola

“It’s a very hot season of the year. I see my children too sweating, having heat rash and they look at me like what are you doing about this thing”. In an interview with ChannelsTV, he tried to explain how he also suffered from the power shortage wahala. Na wa o! Maybe the children he’s talking about are getting heat rashes from overseas.

6. Ben Bruce

When he said he was considering buying a horse because of the fuel scarcity wahala, as if they sell horses for 500 Naira in the market.  He started the Buy Naija To Grow The Naira hashtag but he conveniently published his book in the U.S.

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