These 6 People Always Have The Sweetest Gist!

Etisalat Nigeria
April 1, 2017

1. Those house girls that always want to help you sweep your room when your friends are around, already know how you went to see Tunde yesterday and he didn’t pay your cab money back

2. Your driver that always drops you in front of your bobo’s house, you think he doesn’t know what y’all get up to?

3. Let’s not even start on gatemen, they know all the main chicks in Oga’s life and their gist collabo with house girls is not even from here

4. Cab drivers are just the worst, the amount of Unilag girl’s gist cab drivers have in this life ehn!

5. Hair dressers don’t even have your gist, they just always have gist, and they’re not afraid to share it!

6. The worst ones are the ones that sit down beside you on the bus and help you read your messages, in case you didn’t see it well, they already know you’re lying to your babe that you’re in a cab, when you’ve already told conductor ‘Obalende wa’

7. So do you like giving gist or hearing gist? Your phone bill must be YUUGE!

Luckily for people like you, Etisalat has an EasyCliq plan that increases the value of your recharge so you can get more gist for your money. What a time to be alive, gossiping.

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