6 Bizarre Theories About The Fire Outbreak At The Oba Of Lagos’ Palace

May 4, 2017

1. Jazz

People are saying that the Ooni used jazz to set the Oba’s palace on fire because he’s still angry about being snubbed.

2. Ooni hired thugs to burn the palace down.

Because he’s still angry about being snubbed.

3. Accident

I mean it’s completely possible that there was a power surge. Jazz seems like a more fun theory tho. Which leads to this next entry.

4. Sango was involved.

Apparently some people believe that Sango was pissed about the Oba snubbing the Ooni and decided to retaliate on the Ooni’s behalf. What the hell is wrong with people??! Lmao

5. Someone in the palace forgot a candle on and slept off.

And then so they wouldn’t get in trouble, spread the rumor about seeing thugs burning the place down. LOL

6. Sango was responsible but this time, he was summoned.

Someone, pissed on behalf of the Ooni, summoned Sango to burn the palace down. I’m tired of you people tbh.

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