Four Things to Expect From Okada Riders

October 3, 2019

Okada’s have been helping lives since their appearance on Lagos roads. Dealing with the menace of their existence is sometimes compensated by the fact that they help us stay sane and get to our destination faster than any other transportation. Especially, during gridlock traffic hours.

Despite these, the riders can be frustrating to deal with sometimes. Here are four things to expect from okada riders in Lagos:

They are daredevils

They seem to have a death wish, and a desire to take their passengers along with them to Hades. They get so close to trailers, ignore traffic rules, ride against traffic, and basically wing riding a motorcycle.

They will gist you

Want to just board, mind your business, get to your destination with no chitchat? Sorry, that’s not gonna happen. Most okada riders are just full of stories they’d love to share, regardless of whether you care or not. They will even struggle with the howl of the wind, shouting to get their voice heard.

They don’t know the destination

If you don’t know where you are going, it’s best you check Google Maps or ask someone else for directions instead of okada riders. They will always nod yes to your repeated “do you know the place?” even if they don’t and end up taking you miles away from your destination.

And here’s a bit of bonus advice; look face before you take a ride

Don’t board the bike of the too young bike- men – those ones that scratch leg on the ground while riding; and don’t take the too old, they are slow riders even pushcarts are faster than them. Na dem they fear road.

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