25 Things That Happen When You Like a Boy But You’re Trying To Respect Yourself

April 21, 2017

1. When he checks every criteria on your list:

2. And he isn’t in a relationship, engaged or married.

3. Five minutes later, you start planning your wedding.

Every detail is already in place. You know where it will be, what the food will be like, and how the music will sound.

4. How you look at him when he’s not looking:

Come here hot stuff. Let me lick your face.

5. You turn to a klutz when he’s around.

6. You start to sweat when he looks at you.

It’s like this air conditioner is not working.

7. You try to flirt with him, but only end up looking like this:

8. And he’s like:

Girl, you okay? Is there something wrong with your neck?

9. So you give yourself a pep talk every time you’re about to go see him:

Come on girl! Get your shit together! Don’t misbehave!

10. You trying to hide your feelings for him:

11. And you debate telling him how you feel about him:

12. Then you start to write in your diary.

“Dear Diary, today Tunde looked at me for five whole seconds without blinking. Five!”

13. And you tell your girls about him:

The girl squad!

14. Then your friends start to look at him like:

15. You when you finally decide to tell him how you feel:

16. You start to drop subtle hints:

17. How you laugh at all his jokes:

Even the not-so-funny ones.

18. You take extra care to listen to everything he says.

Hmm…very interesting.

19. Your stomach starts to hurt from all the butterflies in it.

20. Your chest starts to do “gbim gbim” when he’s around.

21. He’s on your mind all the time.

Like really really. Like, like like him. Not just like him.

22. And all you’re thinking is:

Tell me baby. why don’t you just love me?!!

23. You give every girl he talks to the stink eye.

I know he says you’re his sister, but are you really?

24. When he pays you a compliment, you go to bed like:

25. You when he finally asks you on a date:

26. And if this boy you like is on social media, then this story is for you:


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