20 Tweets Only People Who Grew Up with a Nigerian Mother Can Understand

March 3, 2016

The Nigerian mother is seriously one of a kind. Her amazing ability to go from whooping your ass with an eba stick to lovingly rubbing your head really needs to be studied.

Although this may seem like a totally random generalization, it’s actually a very valid one. And these tweets and the amount of retweets they gathered in agreement, just further validate that point.

1. The Paranoia

2. The Discipline

3. The Telepathy

4. The Sass

5. The Expectation

6. The Amnesia

7. The Guilt Tripping

8. The Invincibility

9. The Sarcasm

10. The Technophobia

11. The ‘Helping’


12. The Haggling

13. The Indecisiveness

14. The ‘Fight’

15. The Forgetfulness

16. The Warning

17. The Child Slavery

18. The Inhuman Precision

19. The Glare

20. The Suspicion

Nigerian mothers really are the best. So, what’s your favorite ‘Nigerian mother’ behavior? Please, sound off in the comments section

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