20 Pictures From Nigerian History That’ll Make You Wish You Could Time Travel

Etisalat Nigeria
April 21, 2017

1. Police Court, Lagos. Circa 1910.

2. Then Alake of England, Oba Ladapo Ademola II attending the coronation of King George VI of England. London, May 1937.

3. The day before Wole Soyinka received the Nobel Prize for Literature, with other 1986 Nobel Laureates.


4. Traffic on Carter Bridge, Lagos in 1963.

5. Abubakar Rimi as Kano State Governor addressing his supporters at the Murtala Muhammed Square in Kaduna in 1981.

6. (L to R)Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria (Rosalind Balogun) & Ghana at 1967 Miss World Beauty Contest.

Rosalind Balogun was Nigeria’s first Miss World contestant. Iconic!

7. The Kano Groundnut Pyramids in 1975.

Nigeria was the world’s largest exporter of groundnuts in the 1970s.

8. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe at an N.C.N.C. rally at Urualla in 1959.

9. The then Ambassador of Nigeria to the UN, Jaja Wachukwu, sleeping at the UN council meeting of October 14th,1960.

No be today our politicians start to dey mess up.

10. Then US President, Carter & wife with Shagari greeting the crowd from the White House balcony in 1980.

11. Tokunbo (Awolowo’s child) presents a bouquet of flowers to Queen Elizabeth in Ibadan 1956.

12. Kanuri Dancers in Kanem-Bornu Empire.

13. Fela performs at Berkeley, California, 14 Nov, 1986.

The then Mayor of Berkeley, California named 14 Nov 1986 ‘Fela Kuti Day’.

14. A cross-section of traders in a Kano Market in the 1960s.

15. Pope John Paul II on his way to mass in Onitsha 1982. Cardinal Francis Arinze, then Archbishop of Onitsha, to his Left.

16. Kano Indigo Dye Pits built in 1498.

The dye solution was brewed for about a month and lasted for a year.

17. The Late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, touring Nigeria in 1990.

18. The Ebun House (85 Odunfa St.)

This house, owned by a Sierra Leonean immigrant, was the 1st 3-story building built in Lagos in 1913.

19. A Constable receives a certificate of commendation from Hon. M.A Olanrewaju, the then Minister of Police Affairs.

How hilarious would it be if present day police officers wore shorts? LOL

20. Queen Elizabeth II rides in her Rolls-Royce in Nigeria, 1956.

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