19 Hilarious Tweets From The ‘Single Life In 3 Words’ Hashtag

February 12, 2016

Don’t you just hate it when people in relationships make everything look all cute and mushy? Singletons on Twitter have described how the single life is treating them, in 3 words.

Check out these tweets from #SingleLifeIn3Words:

1. When Jesus has your heart.

2. When you are single but your mother is ready to wear aso ebi.

3. This one about takeaway.

4. People who love their personal space.

5. The single life isn’t very rosy for some.

6. Single life = Stress-free life.

7. When you have to choose between relationships and having money.

8. This brillant ad.

9. This blessed truth.

10. When you have no bae to go through your phone.

11. But some just have it all.

12. This sad tweet… Awww!

13. Some just love their phones too much.

14. Netflix will always be loyal.

15. For those that detest drama.

16. This one about selfies.

17. And minding your business.

18. Some are winning at life.

19. This person is not at all enjoying the single life.

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