17 Things You’ll Understand If The Person You’re Dating Is Not The Love Of Your Life

November 19, 2015

1. When their very existence becomes a problem.

You can die now, please.

2. When they think they can just text anyhow.

How dare you?!

3. When you’re confused about which Twitter League to go for.

Hay God!

4. When they won’t even let you cheat in peace.

Who is this one?

5. Or sext in peace!!!

You cannot just leave me alone.

6. When you have to leave them to be with the love of your life.

Sucks to be you.

7. When they won’t stop trying to be monitoring spirits.

Oshey. Monitoring spirit.

8. They always call at the wrongest times.

Let me catch you first.

9. The worst times.


10. Like, why will you facetime me anyhow?

Oh god!!!!

11. And sometimes they just show up…because they think they can.

What are you looking for?

12. When they call and you’re planning the future with the love of your life.


13. When the love of your life is working out…but the person you’re dating is okay getting fat.


14. They won’t even make efforts.

Just look at!

15. When the love of your life RTs your girlfriend.

Get to know yourselves, please.

16. When the love of your life gets in a relationship.

*dies inside*

17. When the love of your life breaks up with you and you can’t even be sad.

Can I cry, please? So did we miss any?

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