17 Skits From Twyse That Prove He’s The G.O.A.T

January 17, 2017

1. The best!

2. This type of bum-bum you don’t mess with.

The type ov bum-bum u deen wanna mezz wit?⚡️⚡️#twyseandfamily Music: 'Ikebe' by @callmepayday

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3. When 365 days is not a joke at all.

Put some respeck h'on it. 365 days eez nuh joke?. #twyseandfamily

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4. When wind carries your underwear.

Deez man eez nuh seroz??. #twyseandfamily

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5. When your lecturer is sent from heaven.

6. When you’re petty AF!

Archives ??? #TwyseAndFamily

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7. When you don’t really have action.

When you finally re-ha-laiz dah you are juz a 2 minutes man in bed. h'omashe o ?. #twyseandfamily

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8. When your boyfriend doesn’t really have sense.

?????????????. somtymz deez gehz are nuh joking o ?.. Cc: @taofeek_ #TwyseAndFamily

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9. What a betray this is!

10. Nigerian employers can be extra, though.

11. When alchohol wants to finish you.

12. But why are Nigerian moms like this now?

13. African parents, tbh.

Food eez bae??????. #twyseandfamily Music: 'One by One' by Enya www.twyse116.com

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14. Mind your business!

15. When your dad wants to form ‘boyz’

16. This mummy is too brutal, honestly.

17. When one slap is all you need to reset.

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