17 Frustrating Things Every Nigerian Adult Who Lives With Their Parents Has To Deal With

May 13, 2016

1. When your mother still makes you eat only one piece of meat.

As I’m old like this?

2. When your parents make you their chief driver.

“Tolani, come and drive me to work”.

3. When your parents disturb you about marriage but get angry when you have a boy/girlfriend.

I should marry myself?

4. How your parents see you when you try to tell them you’re an adult.


5. Your parents, when it’s 6pm and you’re not home.

Jesus, am I 13 years old?

6. You, when your parents threaten to kick you out of the house.

I knew I was adopted!

7. When your parents try to tell you what to wear.

Kuku take me back to kindergaten.

8. When they make you pay bills in the house and leave the most expensive one for you.

But I’m still the child in the house.

9. When they stop cooking for you and ask you to ‘sort yourself out’.

Na wa o!

10. When they ask you to drop fuel money for the generator but you don’t use the fridge and TV.


11. When your parents stress you for taking a small stroll to the junction.

“You’re always going out”.

12. You, when your parents say “Remember to close the door” or “Don’t forget to take your plate to the kitchen”.

As if I don’t have a brain again.

13. You, when your mother wants to gist with you by force.

Mummy, no please!

14. When your parents still force you to go to church every Sunday.

Hay God!

15. Your parents, when you ask them to knock before entering your room.

“What are you hiding, I’ve kuku seen everything”.

16. Them, when you try to move out of the house.

God of mercy!

17. How you feel when they travel for a while.


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