15 Things That Are Too Real For Every Nigerian Dreading The End Of The Holiday

January 4, 2016

1. When it finally hits you that the holiday is over.

Just like that?

2. When you could have sworn the holiday was longer.

3. When you remember you’ll soon have to see your annoying boss/lecturer.

No, God.

4. You, trying to find where all the holiday went.

I could have sworn I had 1 week left.

5. When you start thinking about all the turn up you won’t be able to do again.

Na wa oh!

6. You, trying to go back to your old sleep schedule.

God, epp me.

7. When you remember that people are coming back from the village so traffic will suck again.

The thing can pain.

8. You, already waiting for the next public holiday like:

I’m already tired, please.

9. When you finally settle down and really check your account balance.

Hay God! Was I robbed?

10. Returning to work/school on the first day like:

Can I just go back home?

11. You, waiting for January salary/allowance like:

How far that credit alert though?

12. When someone welcomes you with “you’ve added oh!”.

What happened to “hello”?

13. When you finally check your weight for the first time after the holiday.

Hian! Did I eat a human being?

14. When coworkers /classmates you barely talk to start asking what you brought for them.

Is this one drunk?

15. You, during the holiday vs. You, one month after resuming work/school.

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