15 Things That Are Too Real For Nigerians Who Don’t Joke With Their Sleep

December 21, 2015

1. You, every morning.

The daily struggle.

2. When someone wakes you up too early.

Are you mad?

3. When someone calls in the middle of the night and asks “were you asleep?”

See question.

4. When you see someone on your bed.

Who is this one?

5. You, struggling not to fall asleep in public places

I’m not strong enough.

6. Your motto:

Words to live by.

7. You, if you don’t get your 8 hours.

You’ll just be cranky anyhow.

8. When someone invites you to a night vigil.

Nope, Nah. Never.

9. How other people set their alarm vs. How you need to set yours

If not you won’t wake up.

10. When someone tells you they only sleep for 3 hours.

So what should I now do?

11. You, when your mates are turning up on Friday night.

This is the real turn up.

12. When you sleep so much you actually wake up exhausted.

I need more sleep,

13. When you try to ‘rest your eyes’ and wake up a year later.

Just like that?

14. What you think about all day at work:

Your love.

15. You can fall asleep literally anywhere.


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