15 Things That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Has Ever Driven Their Nigerian Mother Around

December 2, 2015

1. When she actually refused to let you learn how to drive, but has now turned you into general driver.

You see yourself.

2. When you want to start driving before wearing your seat-belt.

Sorry ma.

3. When she starts a conversation and then complains that you’re not concentrating on the road.

See me see trouble.

4. When she is complaining, but you know you’ve even been trying to drive like a sane person because of her.

I can’t win with you.

5. When she sees something she wants to buy.

6. When she starts bargaining with the seller.


7. When she complains about every single song that comes on.

Na wa.

8. “Slow down! Slow down!! Slow down!!!”

I’ve heard ma.

9. “Watch that car, you’re too close.”

Mummy, I can see oh.

10. “You want to kill me, abi?”

Are you the only one in the car?

11. That constant inner battle to stop yourself from asking “do you want to come down and drive it yourself?”

Just don’t. Seriously, dont.

12. When she tells you to wait in the car that she’ll soon be done.

It’s all over.

13. When she tells you to park so she can greet one of her friends.

The day has ended.

14. When she swore you were just going to one place, but it has turned into a tour of the city.

How have we reached here?

15. When it’s time to buy fuel and she carries her face away.

Ah. Is it like that?

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