15 Things That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Has Ever Had To Deal With Lagos Traffic

1. When it still manages to surprise you at the beginning of every week.

2. How Lagos traffic looks at you, when you try to make plans.

3. The never-ending war:

4. When you try, against your better judgement, to be nice.

5. This scary but true prediction:

6. When you form sharp guy and switch lanes.

7. When you realize the traffic has actually taught you something.

8. This surefire guide to avoiding it:

9. That pain you feel when you see bikes just gliding through.

10. The Lagos traffic starter pack:

11. This incredibly apt tweet:

12. The way traffic stops you on your way back from work.

13. When you try to follow a shortcut.

14. The side-effects:

15. When you finally find out what was actually causing the traffic.

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