15 Things Anyone Who Has Sent Nudes To The Wrong Person Will Understand Immediately

December 15, 2015

1. When you take the sexy picture to send to a very deserving person.

You gon’ learn!

2. When you look over the picture to be sure it’s perfect.

And it really is!

3. When your hand accidentally slips and selects the wrong recipient.

Wait, what?!

4. When you realize that you sent the nude to the wrong person.


5. When you try to stop it from sending.

So this is how I ruin my life?

6. But the picture goes anyway.

Retract. Bloody RETRACT!

7. When the foolish person is online and the IM shows ‘read’ immediately.

My chest!

8. Now you know it’s too late to delete it.

It’s all over.

9. You try to call but the person refuses to pick.

Pick up dammit!

10. When the person you wanted to send the nude to in the first place is still asking you for it.

Is this one not mad like this? In the middle of this crisis?!

11. When you start checking the internet to see if your nude has landed there.

Is today my trending day?

12. When you tell yourself you’ll accept whatever consequences come.

13. When you start to console yourself that it was a good nude at least.

14. When you start to promise yourself and God that you’ll never take a nude again.

Or at least I’ll use Snapchat.

15. But then every disappointment turns to a blessing when the wrong recipient replies with ‘?’.

We flawless!

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