15 Things Every Nigerian Will Remember About Visiting Day Back In Secondary School

November 10, 2015

1. When that senior that always punished you started forming nice some days to visiting day.

Who is this one?

2. Whenever a parent brought a device to school.

“Please, can I see?”

3. When someone that had never spoken to you started forming best friend.

Leave my front jare.

4. When it was 4:00pm and your parents still hadn’t come.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

5. When your parents told you that they wouldn’t be coming.

What is this life?

6. When they told you that your parents were at the gate.

Yes Lord!

7. When you spotted your parents with that big food flask.


8. How you ate so that no one would beg you.

Better face your front.

9. Whenever your parents brought extra set of provisions.

Let me be, please.

10. When that teacher that hated you came to famz your parents.

Don’t let God punish you.

11. How they searched you for contraband before letting you enter your dorm.

Calm down, abeg.

12. How seniors looked at you when you were walking back to your hostel.

Hay God!

13. When you were the only one in your dorm that got provisions.

Who run the world?

14. How your locker looked after visiting day.

Not taking any chances with you demons.

15. When you remembered you’d soon have to go back to eating rubbish school food.

Just leave me to cry, please. So, did we miss anything?

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