15 struggles you’ll understand if you have a hard-to-pronounce name

June 12, 2018
The struggle of having a hard to pronounce name in Nigeria is very real. On most days you wake up wishing your name was Jane Doe just so you don’t have to deal with Nigerians just being Nigerian about your name. If you have a name like Eghwrudjakpor Onovughakpor Onovughe then we are sure you can relate to these struggles.

Nobody ever gets the spelling right, infact they don’t even try to get it right.

Yes there’s a ‘k’ in between that ‘v’ and ‘w’ oya correct the spelling

You spend way too much time trying to teach people you just met how to pronounce your name

And they still won’t get it o

When they finally give up and ask you if you have a middle name

Yes I do it’s ‘Esereshareberuo’

If you are not careful they’ll vex and skip past your name at passport office

Nobody has time for your ten syllables name

Sometimes you even need a nickname for your nickname if you are smart you’ll have like three backup nicknames

Stay ready

Some people even start getting angry because they have to pronounce it

“You sef how you go get this kind name” Sorry sir, it’s not my fault sir

When someone asks you to pronounce it for them for the 20th time in a row

See ehn just call me ‘esss’ I won’t be angry

Everyone always wants to know the meaning and origin of your name

Please stop disturbing me

When you are waiting to hear your name on a roll call and the person calling the names suddenly starts stuttering

Don’t stress yourself, I’m here

When people start making the same old jokes about your name

“Ah this your name will make me bite my tongue o” Bite it now

You don’t bother correcting people when they get your name wrong you just answer anything they call you.

“Minisoware” Iminiovwerha but close enough

Even your closest friends still manage to mess it up years after meeting you for the first time

Judging you

After what you’ve suffered your promise to give your first child a name like Bayo Ojo

It’s only right

When you meet someone who gets the pronunciation of your name on first try

Are you sure we are not related?

Even the people from your daddy’s village don’t know how to pronounce the name

So where the hell is my name from? Do you have a hard to pronounce name? Which other struggles did we leave out?

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