15 Struggles Every Nigerian Will Remember About Being A Junior In Secondary School

1. When one senior tells you to stay and another one tells you to go.

What to do? What to do?

2. When a senior is punishing you and you see your school parent coming.

Thank you, God.

3. When a senior gives you N20 to buy 2 Galas, 1 Coke and bring back N100 change.

Why are you like this, ehn?

4. When an SS2 student punishes you, and an SS3 student tells you to stand up.

Lmao. It can pain sha.

5. When seniors see you carrying provision after your parents visit.

It’s all over.

6. When you hear “last junior.”

Just run and don’t look back.

7. When you see seniors gathered around your provisions locker with plates and spoon.

Seriously, there is nothing worse.

8. When you see the senior you reported coming back from the staff room.

Na me mess up.

9. When a senior tells you to pass your food in the dining hall.

The evil that men do.

10. When you see a senior heading to your room with their dirty clothes.

Hay God. Why me?

11. When a senior wants to send you and you tell them someone already sent you.

All that one is your business.

12. When a senior you know you can beat outside punishes you.

It’s not your fault.

13. When a senior draws a car on the board and tells you to push it till it moves.

Are you not mad like this?

14. When you have to pass through senior block.

No escape.

15. When that evil senior finally graduates.


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