All The Times Money Has Put You Inside Trouble

October 17, 2016

1. When you’ve finished eating and the waitress says “POS is not working”.

So I should vomit the food or what?

2. When you have to line up at the bank for a long time to get cash because your ATM card is misbehaving.

Na wa oh!

3. When you have to carry a large amount of cash with you, you’re like:

That’s how they will steal from me and kill me oh!

4. When you buy something from a store and they tell you “aunty there is no change”.

Better find my change!

5. When you’ve forgotten where you hid a large amount of cash in your house.

I am finished oh!

6. When rats and moths have turned your money to their midnight snack.

This is not the life I was promised oh!

7. When your ATM card just decided to stop working.

So today my shame will be complete?

8. When you find torn, old and ugly notes in cash you just received as payment.

Will God not punish people like this?

9. When your ATM card is stolen and you start receiving debit alerts.

My enemies are at it!

10. When you see your mates going cashless and you are still stuck carrying money like a cash alabaru

When will my story change?

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