15 Pictures Every Nigerian Who Has Been Single Too Long Will Completely Understand

November 19, 2015

1. When EVERYONE keeps trying to set you up:

I’m not desperate yet, abeg.

2. This is what your call log looks like:

Yes, this is my actual call log. No it’s not pathetic. *cleans tears* STOP JUDGING ME!!!

3. At this point, it has kind of become a do or die thing.

It’s not even a laughing matter again.

4. This is you hanging out with your friends:

Why do I even bother leaving the house anymore?

5. How your friends in relationships look at you:

6. These are the only type of messages you get:

You’re in a loving and committed relationship with your service provider. At least Etisalat will never cheat on you.

7. This is how you flirt now:

‘Awkward’ is kind of an understatement at this point.

8. When you realize you’re still single and the year is almost over:

A whole 365 days will soon pass and I am still in this same condition.

9. You have no idea how to tell if someone even likes you or not:

The worst side-effect of forever aloneness (that’s a word, right?)

10. When people ask “how are you still single?”

…because I’m ugly. Happy now?

11. Your relationship goals:

I changed my mind. I’ll take what I can get.

12. When it becomes a family issue.

13. This is your new year resolution:

2016 is our year people.

14. When people ask about your love life:

Please stop asking. Signed, Management

15. This is currently the only soul mate you have in your life:

I’m not even mad.

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