15 Pictures Of Beyonce That Are Perfect For Every Nigerian Situation

August 2, 2016

1. When you see your best friend with her ex after swearing she can never go back to him:

“Well done oh! We will see at home.”

2. When you just got paid and you enter your favourite restaurant:

Yes! I’m a big boy

3. When someone is talking to you anyhow because they think you are mates:

“Please is it me you are talking to?”

4. When your weave is more than one month old and is itching in public:

Pat that weave!

5. When your mother comes to wake you up from deep sleep for night vigil:

Someone cannot sleep in peace!

6. When you ask your parents for something and they say “NO”:

Na wa oh!

7. When you see someone who owes you money trying to ignore you:

“ESSSSSSSSSSSS look here!”

8. When your lesson teacher starts teaching you a method different from the one your teacher taught you in school:

Oga don’t come and put me in trouble please oh!

9. When a man you’ve just met is calling you “baby”:

Baba match brake oh!

10. When you congratulate someone on their engagement and they answer “God will soon do your own”:

If you don’t get out of here!

11. When you walk into a spot your ex boyfriend is at:

Look at who is flourishing without you crusty!

12. When your mother-in-law tastes your cooking for the first time and she’s pleasantly surprised:

“Ah this is very nice!”

13. When you see your boyfriend being extra familiar with another girl:

Oga tread gently oh!

14. When you see your account balance after a weekend of recklessness:

So I am going to fast till the end of the month because no more money oh.

15. When the pastor talks about unexpected bank alert happening this week:

Please it’s needed!

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