15 Nigerian Political Parties We Are Sure You’ve Never Heard Of

August 28, 2018
We were doing some research and to our surprise, APC and PDP are not the only registered political parties in Nigeria. According to INEC, there are actually 68 registered political parties! We are pretty sure you’ve never heard of these ones.

All Blending Party (ABP)

From the name, you’ll already know these ones came to play. What does All Blending Party mean?

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)

Is this a political party logo or the logo for a Yahoo boy’s side hustle?

All Democratic Peoples Movement (ADPM)

I like how they’ve already packed themselves inside bus. They better keep driving until they reach Cotonou, because we don’t want them here.

Citizens Popular Party (CPP)

These ones had the liver to put ‘popular’ in their party’s name. Why tell such lies?

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)

‘Freedom and Justice’, as if any Nigerian politician knows the meaning of those words.

Green Party of Nigeria (GPN)

I like how there’s a hand telling us ‘your father’ in their logo. At least they are straightforward.

Independent Democrats (ID)

If we put all Nigerian politicians together in a room we are pretty sure none of them can spell ‘Independents’ or ‘Democrats’ but there is a political party called Independent Democrats?

Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)

Is there anywhere in this country that justice prevails?

Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)

These ones what to use ‘we the people, for the people’ to deceive us. Stay woke, they are all the same.

National Conscience Party (NCP)

I’m pretty sure we all know that if there’s one thing all Nigerian politicians lack, it’s conscience.

New Generation Party of Nigeria (NGP)

Just look at these wicked people that don’t want us to progress as a country. How can they use hand fan as their logo? So they are praying for us to never have light?

National Rescue Movement (NRM)

It took a bit to convince me this is a political party. What’s the bee doing there, please?

Re-build Nigeria Party (RBNP)

Please, there is nothing to rebuild we need to start from scratch. We have to lay foundation again.

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

So there are people who are socialists in this country?

Young Progressive Party (YPP)

So there is a Young Progressive Party in this country and Buhari is still president. Wawu.

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