15 Lies All Nigerian Parents Tell Their Children

February 26, 2016

Nigerian parents are usually the best, but in some cases where they either wanted you to do something or stop complaining, these were 15 effective lies they used more than once.

And we fell for them every single time.

1. “Let me hold the money for you.”

na so

…and you never see it again.

2. “Just tell me the truth, I won’t beat you.”

if i hear

…and you leave in a wheelchair.

3. “I’ll buy it for you if you come first in class.”

this again

It never happens.

4. “I’ll buy it for you on your birthday.”

rolls eye cake

Birthday comes and goes. Still nothing.

5. “Don’t worry, we’ll soon leave.”

stop lying meme

An extra 5 hours go by.

6. “I’ll think about it.”

no you won't

…and it never come up again.

7. “You’ll grow into it.”

grow into it

You’re an adult now and it is still not you size.

8. “Go and wear your shoes, I’ll wait.”


…they don’t.

9. “I don’t have a favorite child.”


…they do.

10. “I didn’t do all this boyfriend-girlfriend till I married.”

getting you

…but you’ve seen the pictures.

11. “I don’t have money.”

eye roll chilld

…but you’ve seen the wallet.

12. “I always came first in class.”

how drake

…but you’ve seen their results.

13. “My parents never got angry with me.”

shock face

…but that’s not what grandma said.

14. “Eat the beans so you’ll grow tall.”


…but that’s not what your Science teacher said.

15. “Lend me, I’ll give you back.”

where is my money

…and it is gone forever.

We still love them, though.


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