8 Fake Body Parts Nigerian Women Can Buy In a Nigerian Market

It is the century of really weird beauty standards and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out the woman beside you might be wearing a lot of fake body parts.

Here are 8 enhanced body parts you don’t need surgery to get in Nigeria:

1. Brazilian and all the types of oriental hair on earth

It used to belong to some girl but it’s mine now.

2. Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are for flying to the land of fleek please.

3. Nails

Nobody’s nails should be this long.

4. Flat stomach

Thanks to your waist trainer, you can eat all that eba and get away with it.

5. Eyebrows

What a time to be alive!

6. Braids

Just look at the laid edges.

7. Butt pads and Body Magic

Nobody got time for squats.

8. Silicon breast pads

Wow! No need to have surgery.

There are more grounds to be broken in this artificial body parts business and we are ready for it!

Featured Image credit: Peniel Enchil

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