14 Times This Picture Perfectly Describes Trying To Form Hard Guy After A Breakup

April 6, 2016

This smiling-through-the-pain meme works on so many levels, but none quite as much as when you decide to form hard guy after getting dumped.

1. When they dump you then add “…but we can still be friends”.

Instead of you to say no, you’re still there smiling.

2. When you foolishly agree to stay friends and they start gisting you about the new person they like.

Instead of you to say the thing is chooking you, you will even start giving them relationship advice.

3. When your friends are insulting your ex to make you feel better but you’re still in love with them.

Instead of you to tell them the thing is paining you, you will be there laughing with them.

4. When you see your ex with that “just a friend” person they told you not to worry about.

Instead of you to go and listen to Adele’s album and cry better tears, you’re there doing “e no consign me”.

5. When someone who doesn’t know you’ve broken up asks about them.

Instead of you to tell the person to free, you’ll go and be answering them.

6. When your ex said they needed time to be single but you see them with someone new the next day.

Instead of you to vex, you will even go and tell them congratulations.

7. When the first thing they tweeted after dumping you was “finally free”.

Instead of you to unfollow them, you’re still doing “I like their tweets”.

8. When you go and stalk their Instagram page and see they’ve already deleted all your pictures.

Instead of you to block them, you’ll be forming mature.

9. When you get the notification that they have changed their Facebook status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’.

Instead of you to unfriend them, you’ll be forming ‘I don’t care’.

10. When your mum tells you that she never liked them.

Instead of you to tell your mum that the thing is paining you, you’ll be there nodding your head.

11. When you see a picture of them looking hotter than they did when you were still together.

Instead of you to remove your eyes, you’re there scoping the picture.

12. When you text them “I miss you” and they don’t reply.

Instead of you to delete their number, you will be forming odeshi.

13. When your ex does alter call at church to announce their engagement.

*Instead of you to get up and leave, you’re there clapping and shouting hallelujah.

14. ​When they invite you to their wedding since you guys are now forming ‘friends’.

Instead of you to stand up when they say “whosoever objects to this union…” you’re  there sitting on the high table.

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