14 Pictures That Tell Your Story If Puberty Did Not Answer You On Time

August 10, 2016

1. When all your mates start developing and you’re still there looking like someone in primary 3:

How can I be looking like my classmate’s junior sibling?

2. How you beg God for puberty to slap you every day:


3. When you wear pencil dresses and look like an ironing board:

Na wa oh!

4. When your juniors have started developing but your own puberty is still loading:

What kind of shame is this?

5. When your mates are complaining about period pains and you join them like you know:

Lie Lie!

6. When your mates have moved to underwire bra but you are still wearing singlet:

One day sha, one day!

7. You researching “foods” that make you develop:

“Beans + pomo = developed body. Abi that’s what they said?”

8. When you hear of “one miracle cream” that will make your hips and breasts grow:


9. When you consider gaining weight so the fat will at least make you look like something is happening:

How much fat will make sure I wear a bra?

10. When your mother wonders where all the tissue is going and you know the answer to that is your “bra”:


11. When you have to change in front of people and your tissue-enhanced assets will be exposed:

I am done for oh!

12. When your own puberty finally starts and it is speeding away:


13. When your crush that used to ignore you now suddenly has your time:

My friend you better leave here!

14. When the puberty you were looking for will now not stop:


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