14 Pictures That Are Too Accurate For Nigerians That Grew Up In The Mosque

May 5, 2016

1. The second set of alphabets you ever learned.

The good days!

2. When you have to go to Madrasah every other day of the week.

Can’t I just play with my friends?

3. When they share cabin biscuits and sweets at Madrasah.


4. When your parents make you leave the house for Jumah 2 hours earlier.

Na wa o! We’re not the Imams of the mosque na.

5. When the sermon gets really boring.

I’m sleep abeg.

6. Your parents, when they catch you sleeping during the sermon.

Don’t be stupid.

7. When the older people at the mosque chase you and your friends to the back for being too playful.

Someone can’t play with you people again.

8. When you get home and they ask you what you learnt from the sermon.

It’s not good to tell lies…

9. You, when you realise you have to attend Asalatu on Sundays.


10. When you have to leave your house early on Sunday because Asalatu starts at 8am.

Someone can’t even sleep on Sunday again.

11. When the Imam says there’s special prayer after the program.

All these prayers never do una?

12. When you have to attend Tahajjud and you’ll have to stay up all night.

But I want to sleep na.

13. When you realise you don’t have to fast all through Ramadan.


14. How you and your squad turn up on Eid day.

It’s lit!

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