13 Signs That Will Make It Clear You Are Being Friend-zoned

December 2, 2015
Could it be? Maybe it is? Maybe he is…? There are so many perceptions about ladies being friend-zoned, here are some clear signs that will show you you are being drafted in that zone.

1. When your crush finally says “we should hang out”.

Making you feel he’s about to propose.

2. And while at it he says “You’re so nice”.

Nice? Do you mean nice enough to be your girlfriend?

3. Then he keeps inviting you to social gatherings… With his friends.

But you never go out alone together.

4. When he tries to introduce you as his new best friend.

Brother…this was not the perception or plan.

5. So you start throwing heavy hints.

I just thought to make you breakfast as your friend.

6. But he is acting “brand new”.

Please open your eyes.

7. When he tells you his girl problems.

Wait so I am not the only one?

8. And goes on to give you dating advice.

What are you doing?

9. So you push further with the hints.

Just thought to get you a gift.

10. And he says “I am not ready for commitment”.

Oh no. What have I done?

11. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

*cries in salt poured on an open wound*

12. So things get awkward super fast.

Everything has been ruined.

13. And the texts are now like…

Wow, what is life? Must be bad network.

14. And you start getting “Let me call you right back”.

Why is this happening to me?

15. And finally you understand.

That you have been awarded a seat, in the Friend-zone.

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