13 Things About CDS People who Have Done NYSC Know To Be True

March 23, 2017

1. So it’s another CDS day.


2. And that’s means only one thing, NO WORK!!!


3. But then you remember you have to attend CDS meeting by 8am.


4. And it also means you have to put on that wretched khaki and white tennis shoes.


5. How people shout ‘KOPA WEE’, when they see you on the way to CDS.


6. You, when they expect you to shout “WAA” back.

Who is this one?

7. How everyone looks at you when you get to the meeting late:


8. You, when trying not to chop mouth when everyone else is reciting the NYSC anthem!

Nobody gat time for that.

9. When you have to recite the CDS anthem after the NYSC anthem.


10. You, when they start asking for CDS dues.


11. You, when the meeting commences and they start yarning opata.

I’m sleep.

12. You, when you hear, “Motion to adjourn the meeting”.

Who wants to sleep here?

13. When CDS closes early and you have the whole day to yourself.


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