13 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To Newly-Married Nigerians

January 10, 2017

1. So you threw the baddest owambe in Lagos for your wedding.

As per, you had to leave the single life in grand style.

2. But you didn’t know there were many people entering the marriage with you.

Awon aunties and uncles.

3. So you have to wear your trad to greet all of them after the wedding.

Kneeling and greeting up and down!

4. Instead of them to give you money to help the marriage, it’s only advice they have o!

Let somebody see front abeg!

5. When your mother-in-law comes to inspect your cooking pot only two days into the marriage.

See wahala!

6. When your aunties start praying for twins and triplets in your home.

Who asked you, o?

7. When it’s 3:30am and your wife isn’t up doing one or two things.

Come and be going to your daddy’s house abeg!

8. Your mother, when your wicked aunty from the village comes visiting.

Blood of Jesus!

9. You and bae, when single people tweet, “I think marriage is…”

See these ones!

10. You, when people start asking when you’ll get pregnant.

Face your front!

11. When people don’t add Mrs to your name:

Put some ‘respek’ on my name!

12. When you forgot to break up with your girlfriend before your wedding:


13. You, when your side chic sends you congratulations text with your wedding pictures:

“Actually, it’s not really my wedding….”

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